I’m a new Mommy discovering my greatest role of all. Learning daily, I am in the midst of re-writing my life with a new purpose. Career-driven, socially active, and well, totally in-love with my baby, I share my experiences, joys, struggles and tips with every mom out there who is, like me, striving to balance it all.

I’ve created this blog in the context of a Social Media Communications Strategy course at the University of Toronto. The views expressed in this blog are based on my own experience of  motherhood. I may also relate pieces of useful advice that I may have received from friends and family. 

I may advise for or against products, services, websites and retailers, but I am in no way associated with any of those or any other businesses or entities. I do not receive any compensation, samples or freebies from any business or entity in exchange for anything I may promote on this blog. 

I’d love to hear from my readers; I will read moderate contributions within 24 hours and make them visible to all.