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7 Holiday Gift Ideas for New Moms

Have you noticed how once you have a baby, everyone’s attention (including yours) magically shifts to your little bundle of joy? And sometimes, as much as you appreciate the love that your friends and family pour into your baby’s life, you strangely feel left out. Well, if you are a new mom, or if you if you have a friend, a sister, a daughter who’s recently had a baby, the holiday season is a great opportunity to treat her (or yourself) to a little something practical, relaxing, or both!


Here is a list of thoughtful Holiday presents that will be sure to please a new mom:

#1 Make her feel like a TEN with a mani-pedi gift card!

Heck, new moms barely feel like a TWO on a good day! Seep deprived, hormonal, and trapped in the house is how we feel. Yeah, and then we secretly start weighing the pros and cons of reducing our shower frequency from daily to every-other-day (but hush, hush, don’t tell anyone, that’s our secret). 

So here’s a great gift idea for new moms – I’ve been hearing about this trending Beauty Bar Chain called The TEN Spot and I love their concept. Positioned like the Starbucks of Beauty Bars, it is based on a key feminine insight that every woman wants to feel like a TEN. I like to get a mani-pedi monthly myself but the one thing that annoys me is how in our market, you have to choose between poor service nail bars and overpriced pompous spas to get something as basic as a mani-pedi. So the added benefit of feeling like a TEN on top of getting pretty nails and getting away from baby for a couple of hours is definitely a good reason for new moms to try The Ten Spot over the Holidays. Plus it’s so easy to get a gift certificate via their website

#2 An Otterbox case – the ultimate smartphone/tablet screen protection.

I used to choose my phone and tablet cases solely based on design… but that was until Makai happened! Now, I proudly carry my smartphone in its ugly Otterbox case! Why? Because while it will surely kill the sexy look of an iPhone 6, unless one can afford to get a new one every other week (because that’s how often our munchkins will crack the screen), I highly recommend an Otterbox case cover. Otterbox offers – hands down – the best protection for your smart phone and other portable electronic devices against the occasional drops, drools and spills… A practical gift idea especially if her tot is still small and hasn’t started breaking things. It means she probably has not crossed that bridge yet. 

#3 A small cross-body bag to carry essentials

Let’s face it… New moms typically have a million and one things to remember, a million and one things to carry whenever they muster the courage to actually leave the house with the baby. I am sure lots of moms would agree with me that some of the pocketbooks we used to rock pre-baby just aren’t practical anymore. This is when a mini cross-body bag can actually come in super handy. This type of bag is a smart way for moms with small children to keep IDs, credit cards and car keys in one single location making it easy to find things on the go. Available in a variety of colours, materials and brands, you will definitely find one that suits her personal style at any of the major department stores like The Bay

#4 Ease the aches and pains with a cute Hot Water Bottle

I have to admit that when I saw this product at Winners, I had no idea what it was and the only reason I was attracted to it is because it looked so pretty. The colours, the cozy texture and the cute statements all seemed really cool and since I was looking for gift ideas for a couple of friends who had babies this year, I picked one up. And what a nice surprise! This is not just a pretty gift for a new mom. It’s a useful one! 

Fill it with hot (or cold) water depending on what you need, and place it where it hurts. It will help soothe anything from the back pain we experience post-pregnancy, to the strained muscles we pull by moving around with a little human hanging on our arm all day. Not to mention the tummy cramps some of us experience post-partum…know what I mean!? Definitely a favourite! 

#5 Baby’s Hand or Footprint Holiday Ornament

Yeah, all moms are suckers for their baby’s firsts. There are so many and yet we don’t seem to get enough of them, at least in the early years – don’t ask me what happens in the teenage years, I don’t want to think about those firsts just yet. So this is a cool little gift that you are sure will have a great sentimental value for a really long time. I’ll probably be nostalgic when I look at mine in ten years and I’ve totally forgotten what it’s like to have a baby and I realize that I’ve become that random mom with bigger kids who tells new moms that they should cherish the baby phase while it lasts. Indigo Chapters, Winners, or Babies R Us usually carry one of some sort. Make sure you go for the no-mess version!

#6 A super Slim Silicone Water Resistant Watch – The SWATCH Skin

With a baby, we can easily feel like time is our enemy! Managing our time well is crucial and that usually means tracking feedings, naps & bath times, etc. But new moms likely don’t have the appropriate watch to wear around a baby. I certainly could not keep wearing the typical bling bling I would have rocked a year ago! And using my phone got old because half the time I didn’t know where it was.

So I recently visited Yorkdale Shopping Centre and noticed SWATCH, an old brand that I had completely lost touch with since childhood. The SWATCH Skin is the perfect slim watch you can barely feel on your wrist, 100% sleek, 100% water resistant, 100% silent and the BONUS is, you won’t scratch your little one with this. So when you put it on you don’t need to remove it – ever. Well, except to clean it of course. Hello again, SWATCH, I think I missed you!

#7 A Spill Proof Contigo Coffee Mug

Okay, I started using the Contigo Mug years ago and I’ve been hooked! But this mug is even more useful now. For the coffee lovers out there who can’t stand the idea of a lukewarm coffee, and for the clumsy mommies who want to make sure they don’t spill their hot beverage on their infant, this is the mug for you. When you close the lid, you can literally throw your mug (full of coffee) upside down in your diaper bag and you won’t get the slightest leak. Need I say more?

DISCLAIMER – If you are a husband, fiancé/boyfriend, you should probably do a little better than this list :-). I guess you could get her a spa package or a really nice version of the crossbody bag (watch out, it can get pretty expensive if she’s the Chloé type, ha!) but my point is, this is a list of casual gift ideas for friends and family. Good luck with your shopping!



A new mom, a proven socialite trying to balance it all out. Time deprived, sleep deprived and sometimes patience deprived, I still want to get things done, plan for the future and, well, socialize. I share thoughts, ideas, hurdles, and tips with any new or expectant moms, or anyone who's interested in taking a little tour in my little world.

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