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5 SMART ITEMS Every Savvy Mom Should Own

Not that I’m the savviest of moms out there; actually, I’m pretty new at this. But I am definitely extra motivated to make choices that get things done faster and better (the first time around). Why? Because like every new mom, I am sleep deprived and on top of that I’ve made the decision to give up on sleeping when baby does. Instead, I take advantage of his naps to squeeze in some career planning, professional training, reading and so much more. So I am constantly trying to maximize the use of my time.

This, and the fact that I’m a true Marketer a.k.a. a sucker for a good value proposition, is why I’m always excited to find products that make my life easier, allow me to get stuff done faster and to avoid redundancy. Plus, with globalization, who knows where life will take me next… I dont want to accumulate lots of stuff; I want to buy the SMART stuff, and usually, that translates into something like this: “Less is more”.  So I thought I’d share a short list of the 5 most useful products I have bought since my little prince has made his grand entrance last summer.



Do you also feel like your baby outgrows her onesies within seconds? Mine has just turned 6 months old and I already have a suitcase full of  brand new, yet outgrown clothes.  I’ll admit that I am guilty of buying one too many onesies here and there (because they are just too cute sometimes), but I frankly did not overdo it. Had I known about this little wonder earlier on, I definitely would have extended the life of most onesies by at least a month or two. But I checked at Babies R us, Walmart, The Gap, Gymboree, Amazon…And I only found 1 overpriced set of 3. Surprised? I’m not! Baby clothing manufacturers probably calculated the sales dip this single item would cause and they decided to bury it in the “not-so-good ideas” drawer. But this is why we have retailers like Amazon US! Just because this item may not be the manufacturers’ best friend, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be every mommy’s!



I’ve mentioned it in my travel essentials post and I cannot stress it enough; this is by far my best spent 70 bucks. The wrap-around baby carrier has the advantage of swaddling because it restricts your baby’s movements and it also offers the advantage of mommy-baby bonding as your baby is snuggled up against your chest and will quickly fall asleep to the sound of your heartbeat. It is great for travelling, but it has also often saved my life during witching hour. Baby won’t stop crying at bedtime, put on your stretchy wrap, slip him in and walk around for a few minutes. Did the trick everytime! 


When I got my bottle set as a gift at my baby shower, I assumed that all the required cleaning tools were included in the set. What I came to realize though, is that there are hard to reach areas inside the bottle nipples and this is the best hiding place for mean mean bacteria! So, if you want to make sure that your bottles are 100% clean, get yourself some nipple brushes. Smaller than the large bottle brushes, they will effectively clean nipples by any brand. The Babies R Us house brand offers a set of 2 for just $3.99.


Babies spit up all the time. And most of the bibs you will find on the market have a wide neck or will fit a little loose around the neck. So if baby spits up, there are good chances you’ll have to change their onesie too as it will inevitably get wet. But it doesn’t have to be that way! When I received a set of two Tommee Tippee padded neck bibs as a gift, I didn’t know just how amazing they were. But then I put them on, I realized how much more effective they are in keeping baby clean and I had to go back to the store and get a few more! They are now my main go-to bibs. Definitely more expensive than the usual since they come in packs of 2 only, but it is soooo worth it! 



Baby GAP and several other retailers sell adorable gloves and mittens. What is unfortunate however, is that while they are very warm (and cute too), they may not keep your baby’s little hands warm for very long. Before you know it, your baby will have found creative ways of removing the mittens and throwing them around. For the crafty mom, you can sow on a string that connects the 2 mittens; but for the rest of us, there are very cute mitten clips that you will only find online. Just like suspenders, you attach one clip to the glove/mitten and the other to the sweater/jacket, and tadah! No more lost mittens for the little kittens!

Any products you’d like to share? I’d love to try them too!



A new mom, a proven socialite trying to balance it all out. Time deprived, sleep deprived and sometimes patience deprived, I still want to get things done, plan for the future and, well, socialize. I share thoughts, ideas, hurdles, and tips with any new or expectant moms, or anyone who's interested in taking a little tour in my little world.

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  1. Cynthia I like what you’re doing here. Sharing is caring… I might not be expecting or even planning to have a baby soon, but I still enjoy reading your posts. I’m gonna share your blog with some of my friends who just had babies and are trying to adjust to this baby&career life… bisou and keep up the great work!!


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